Australian Earthmoving Awards 2020 Winner!

We are pleased to announce that the recently released Kobelco SK135SR-7 has won first place in the 2020 Australian Earthmoving Awards for the Medium Machine Of The Year!

The SK135SR-7 is the latest in a new generation of excavators to demonstrate Kobelco’s prowess in excavator design and manufacture. Coupled with modern manufacturing processes and customer feedback, the Japanese manufacturer’s SK135SR-7 sets a new class-defining standard in operational performance and operator comfort. Together with Kobelco’s well-earned reputation as a leader in fuel efficiency and reliability, the SK135SR-7 is set to be a game changer in its class.

The Isuzu 3.0L turbocharged diesel engine meets global emissions standards, while at the same time gaining a significant 10% increase in engine output. The performance increase ensures no loss of power on gradients and with heavy bucket loads and delivers a powerful tractive effort of 141kN. Complete with a new hydraulic control system, digging cycle time has been reduced by 10%, compared with the previous model.

The spacious sealed and pressurised cabin of the SK135SR-7 is an arena of ultra-modern, easily accessible operating controls and components – with finish and function comparable to that of premium European cars. The layout is designed to deliver a new experience in excavator operation, starting with a 10-inch colour monitor – the largest in-cab visual information screen within the excavator industry.

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