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Asset Finance

Whether you just need one asset, are gearing up for a big project or are shifting your business focus, we’d like to help make it easy for you to get the finance you need.
UDC’s asset finance allows you to finance 100% (including GST) of the equipment value.
It makes sense to invest in assets that will help boost your business income. Assets generally depreciate in value, so spread the cost of an asset over its economic life and use cash for other business needs.

Competitive Interest Rates

Customise your repayments

Preserves your working capital

Fixed interest rates and repayments for the life of the loan

Option to pay a deposit or balloon payment at the end of the agreement

Finance Lease

UDC’s Finance Lease is a contract where they own the equipment and lease it for an agreed term. At the end of the lease you can negotiate to buy the equipment for the residual value, trade in on a new machine, or re-finance the residual value through a loan for a longer period.

You gain immediate use of the asset without having to outlay the cost of the asset upfront.

Repayments are scheduled in advance and can be tailored to meet your business cycle and cash flow requirements

Interest rate is fixed for the term of the lease agreement, helping you plan ahead.

GST is spread over the life of the lease and the asset may be ‘on balance sheet’ or ‘off balance sheet’ depending on your circumstances.

The term of the lease and the asset’s useful life may determine the availability of tax deductions for payments, depreciation and interest.

Customers should always seek independent advice regarding tax and accounting treatment for lease agreements. Applying for finance is easy, complete your application online today.
UDC credit criteria, terms and conditions apply to any loan or lease.

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