Kobelco K-Eye Pro Technology

A major issue facing the construction industry is that of eliminating work-related injury or death. Kobelco has introduced “K-EYE PRO”, a collision reduction system equipped with an automatic deceleration/stop function that is the first in the construction machinery industry.

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Kobelco K-Dive Remote Excavator Operation

Kobelco K-DIVE offers remote control excavator operation. The K-Dive concept is currently under development for use exclusively with Kobelco excavators.
With K-Dive, Kobelco will provide a means of remote machine control that enables an operator to sit in a replicated control platform, located in an office environment, and be able to see and control an excavator located anywhere in the world.
There are many advantages for such a system, including operation of equipment working in harsh or dangerous environments, and to manage operator shortages with the convenience of remote operation without having to travel to job sites.

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Kobelco Excavators with 3D Machine Control System

Select Generation 10 excavators that ship from the Kobelco factory are now ready for the installation of 3D machine control technology, which significantly reduces the cost and complexity of the installation for the contractor.

Kobelco works closely with Trimble, Leica and Topcon to benefit both contractors and local dealers, contributing to improving the overall productivity of construction sites.

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Kobelco Tier 4 Final Exhaust Emissions Standards

Kobelco has prepared for the introduction of off-road engine emission regulations in Australia by adding Tier 4 Final engine models to its current range of Tier 3 engine machines. Kobelco’s range of Tier 4 Final compliant excavators meet requirements of NSW EPA licensed businesses.

Models configured with Tier 4 Final engines range from mini through to heavy excavators.

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“K-Scan” Kobelco’s Unique Preventive Maintenance System

“K-Scan” offers customers daily machine condition checking through remote machine monitoring.

“K Scan” conducts daily sensory detection of numerical values that include water and oil temperatures, fuel injection volume and pump output. With that data as its base, the system observes the status of an excavator. When the values reach a certain level, the system suggests appropriate maintenance measures.

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Kobelco GEOSCAN Excavator Remote Monitoring System

Kobelco GEOSCAN uses satellite communication and internet to relay data, and therefore can be deployed in areas where other forms of communication are difficult. When a hydraulic excavator is fitted with this system, data on the machine’s operation, such as operating hours, location, fuel consumption, and maintenance status can be obtained remotely.

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Kobelco’s Exclusive Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr)

Kobelco’s proprietary iNDr is the world’s most advanced cooling system that ensures quiet operation, protection from dust, and easy maintenance.

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Kobelco doesn’t just build the highest quality excavators in the industry – they are also backed up by an expert network of independently owned and operated dealers

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