Get A Handle On The Scrap Metal Industry

The scrap metal industry is incredibly demanding on equipment with specialist machinery required to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity. An important part of the scrap metal recycling process is the handling of the scrap material, placing the scrap into stockpiles, moving and loading into trucks and containers or other processing equipment. Kobelco has been an innovation leader and long term supplier to the scrap metal industry with solutions from the multi-car dismantlers through to scrap handlers. Kobelco has led the way with efficient options for processing and handling scrap for decades and has manufactured machines specifically to cope with the demands of scrap/car recycling and handling.

The Kobelco scrap handling range incorporates unique specifications like a range of elevating cabin options to give scrap handler operators a superior view from an elevated position to accurately place scrap and reduce the chance of any accidents whilst loading and moving scrap material. The elevated cabin gives operators the ability to position the operators cabin at variable heights to match loading into scrap bins, high sided trucks or stockpiles ensuring the most efficient and productive handling of the material. The Kobelco range of scrap handlers are based on a steel track undercarriage – this improves durability in a demanding environment and reduces the downtime associated with wheeled machines and tyres.

Kobelco has engineered the range of scrap handler machines to incorporate heavy duty upper frames specially designed for material handling where repetitive cycling places the machines under enormous pressure. Thick plates and heavy duty engineering to the upper frame ensures the Kobelco material handler range is up to the task and minimises your chance of downtime in this demanding application. 6mm thick guarding to the underside of the machine improves durability and protects against impact from material onsite along with boom foot guards that prevent damage to piping and valves. Kobelco offer piping to the end of the dipper arm ensuring installation of attachments is an easy and simple task that your local Kobelco Dealer can complete at pre delivery.

The Kobelco range has important safety options installed to reduce the chance of the attachment impacting the cabin with advanced sensors monitoring boom and arm position to create a cabin interference alert system which protects the machine and operator. This system will automatically stop operation of the machine if there is a risk of the attachment impacting the cabin. All machines incorporate a front window guard and overhead cabin guard to further improve operator safety, an external loudspeaker safety system allows for communication with staff or truck drivers on the ground reducing the chance of incident on site.

Kobelco has spent years innovating in the scrap metal industry and have designed a range of machines specifically for the scrap industry ensuring durability, high productivity and minimal downtime. For more information please contact your local Kobelco Dealer.

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