Killard Excavation Pty Ltd returns to the Kobelco fold


Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has returned to the Kobelco fold after trying other brand machines with the latest purchase of four new SK45SRX-6 machines. Killard Excavation Pty Ltd has shown great faith in the Kobelco brand with the latest addition to their fleet and the new machines were put straight to work after the mandatory Killard branding was applied with great feedback from the operators about the performance and smooth hydraulics. Killard Excavations Pty Ltd is based in Sydney and does a variety of Civil and Infrastructure work earning a reputation as a “can do” contractor with a team of highly skilled operators, engineers and estimators ensuring Killard Excavation Pty Ltd are a contractor of choice.


Image Killard Excavation Pty Ltd Returns To The Kobelco Fold 2 - Kobelco Excavators

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