Kobelco 7 & 8 Tonne Excavators Save Customers 27% on Fuel

Kobelco’s SK75SR and SK85MSR Excavators were recently featured in Australian Earthmoving Magazine this month 

With fuel savings of up to 27 per cent, improved performance and productivity and its industry leading low noise iNDR system, Kobelco’s two excavator models, the SK75SR-3 and SK85MSR-3, are ideal for heavy digging and lifting as well as finessing, particularly in confined areas.
The 7-tonne SK75SR-3 and 8-tonne SK85MSR-3 replace the previous Series 2 models and feature a new ECO mode for enhanced fuel efficiency.

The new models also deliver fuel savings when working in either H or S mode, with a six per cent fuel reduction over the previous model SK80MSR-2 in H mode and a 13 per cent reduction in S mode.

The new models are built to perform, even when fully loaded or during operations on graded sites.Testing has shown a six per cent improvement in travel torque and a 10 per cent improvement in steering performance across both new models, even when working at grades of up to 14 degrees.

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Image Kobelco 7 &Amp; 8 Tonne Excavators Save Customers 27% On Fuel 2 - Kobelco Excavators


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