Kobelco Considers Operators and Environment

The KOBELCO Brand Name: A Global Reputation for Reliability 

“KOBELCO” was adopted as Kobe Steel’s unified brand name about 34 years ago, in 1979. In 2006, it became the consolidated brand name of the entire Kobe Steel Group, and its use was greatly expanded. KOBELCO was formed by combining KOBE + STEEL + COMPANY, and is found on all of the Group’ diverse material and construction machinery products today. As a globally recognised name it symbolises our unending mission for high product quality and reliability. 
Optimising Performance in Excavators 
Kobelco used simulation technology to perform a detailed analysis of the output environment of an excavator engine, and worked with our engine manufacturer to develop an engine that provides better fuel economy for excavator applications. 
Consideration for Operators
Vibration is the main cause of operator fatigue. We cut vibration by 50% by introducing a high strength cab to improve safety. In these and many other ways we continue our efforts to ensure safe and comfortable operation. 
Consideration for Surrounding People
We provide an automatic idle-stop function as standard equipment, and developed an excavator with a tiny rear swing radius with an operating noise level of 95db. We also adopted both active and passive safety features. 
As part of our commitment to “active” safety, we also pioneered the use of swing flashers on all our excavators to provide onsite personnel with a vivid warning that the machine is swinging. 
“Passive” safety is just as important in minimising accidents which is why we were the first in the industry to design the counterweight on our midsized and large machines so that it stays almost completely within the crawler width when swinging.   
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