Kobelco Recycling Machinery

The ultra-fuel efficient Acera Geospec serves as a base machine for Kobelco’s specialised environmental recycling machinery, which has become the backbone of operations at automotive and building demolition sites around the world.

Environmental recycling machinery that demolishes and recycles quietly and safely using conventional methods takes about one day. Kobelco has designed a unique demolition machine that does the job in as little as 20 minutes with more accuracy and better safety than ever before.

Behind every product Kobelco develops, there is a deep commitment to serving our customers. We want them to benefit from using our machines.

Benefits include:

For the owner – contributing to higher operational efficiency and lower costs through better fuel economy

For the operator – providing a work environment suited to fast, easy and comfortable operation

For surrounding residents – maintaining a quiet living environment that doesn’t disturb people


Kobelco Australia have a range of recycling excavators available 

To find out more about our recycling excavator range available in Australia, click here  


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