Kobelco The Perfect Contractor’s Machine

Outstanding service from his local Kobelco dealership caused Attcall Civil Contractors’ owner and Managing Director, Clinton McKinnon, to add a seventh Kobelco excavator to his fleet.

Attcall recently added a 25-tonne Kobelco SK250 excavator to its fleet. The new machine will be an all-rounder, used for everything from stormwater drains and detail work to road cutting.

“Business is going better than it has for the past few years – I think the economy is climbing back up – and we’ve had more work on than usual,” Clinton said.

“Our new Kobelco SK250 excavator is the perfect contractor’s machine. It’s not as big as a 30-tonner and not as small as a 20-tonner. Yet it still gets through the bulk work at a reasonable rate and can also get down and do the smaller stuff. That kind of versatility is very important for a contractor.”

The large ROPS cab keeps the operator safe as well as comfortable, while a wide open view to the front and minimised blind spots increase work site safety.

“For me choosing the right machine comes down to monetary value – beyond the purchase price – and the level of service. The Kobelco excavator ticks all the boxes and the team at STMC go out of their way to keep my machines up and running. That makes it easy for me to choose Kobelco,” Clinton said.

To contact your local dealer today please call:

NZ: 0800 646 426

Visit Kobelco’s customer story page here for the full release from Clinton McKinnon

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Image Kobelco The Perfect Contractor'S Machine 2 - Kobelco Excavators

Image Kobelco The Perfect Contractor'S Machine 3 - Kobelco Excavators

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