Kobelco’s iNDr Cooling System solves dilemma of conventional cooling systems

Kobelco hydraulic excavators are best known for high quality, optimal low fuel consumption and market leading technology.

In particular, Kobelco have the world’s first ultra-quiet excavator through the development of the most advanced cooling system –iNDr (Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System).

In today’s market, hydraulic excavators are evolving in the direction of smaller swing radii, lower noise, and easier maintenance. Traditional conventional systems use large fans near the intake port to the cooling system which allows dust to penetrate making cleaning difficult; it also transmits heat and vibrates with sound.

Kobelco’s exclusive iNDr cooling system solves this issue and is used in all Kobelco hydraulic excavators to minimise noise and reduce dust for ‘ultimate low noise.’

Ultimate low noise refers to a reduction of 10dB in operating noise which some said was a tremendous challenge and was impossible for Kobelco engineers. After 6 years of development Kobelco achieved that goal with the iNDr system! It significantly reduces noise, provides easy radiator checking and cleaning and focuses on the needs of the end user!

A decrease of 10dB reduces sound energy to one-tenth of its previous level and is less than half as loud to the average listener. This is a remarkable reduction in noise.

Low noise and easy maintenance are two features in demand for every hydraulic excavator, regardless of size. The same is true for environmental recycling machines. We at Kobelco have no doubt that the iNDr story will continue to be a first-class success story. 

 Image Kobelco'S Indr Cooling System Solves Dilemma Of Conventional Cooling Systems 2 - Kobelco Excavators

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