ONLY $24,500 + GST

The SK12SR is perfect for residential areas and industrial premises, where you need a machine that can manoeuvre and swing within a compact radius, so it’s easier to dig next to walls.

Take advantage of this BIG DEAL and discover the smooth, powerful control, and great stability of the SK12SR. Though small in size, this machine gives you all of the performance and durability you expect from a Kobelco excavator, and gets the job done fast!

In addition to Kobelco’s standard 4 year / 4,000 hour full machine warranty, this offer also includes all standard pre-delivery items, half hitch and 3 buckets.

The SK12SR model is eligible for the recently announced Australian Government Instant Tax write-off program, allowing instant 100% tax write-off of the purchase amount prior to June 30th 2020.

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