Siteworx becomes South Coast Trucks & Machinery

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia is proud to announce that long-term dealer, Sydney Trucks and Machinery (STM) has acquired Siteworx Machinery in Wollongong.

This new division of STM will be renamed South Coast Trucks and Machinery (SCTM).
Kobelco General Manager, Sales and Service, Doug McQuinn supports the move and looks forward to helping STM’s newly-acquired Kobelco dealership to grow into the future.
“This move will strengthen STMs footprint for sales and service of Kobelco machinery into the South Coast, Illawarra and the ACT.”
STM is a large supplier to the construction, earthmoving and truck industry. When it came time for them to expand their operations into other parts of NSW, Roy Papallo STM’s Sales Manager, said it was Siteworx’s strong reputation in the local industry that made them an attractive acquisition.
Image Siteworx Becomes South Coast Trucks &Amp; Machinery 1 - Kobelco Excavators
Image Siteworx Becomes South Coast Trucks &Amp; Machinery 2 - Kobelco Excavators

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