AgTrans Makes a Strategic Investment in Kobelco SK500XDLC-10 Heavy Excavator 

In a significant move for AgTrans, CJ, deeply entrenched in oversize transport, haulage, and equipment rental for years, has embarked on a substantial project involving the purchase of the powerful SK500XDLC-10 heavy excavator. This endeavour is part of CJ’s side project, sculpting 25 hectares of farmland into a development featuring 31 commercial lots and eventually 78 residential lots, illustrating his lifelong passion for earthmoving machinery.

Having engaged local iwi, geotechnicians, and engineers, CJ’s project boasts a collaborative effort with numerous consultants, focusing primarily on the commercial aspect while eyeing completion within the next seven years.

CJ’s venture into Kobelco machinery is not a coincidence, rather it’s based on solid recommendations from trusted contractors who have experienced the reliability of Kobelco equipment. Recognising its value without compromising quality or return on investment, CJ’s initial venture into Kobelco was with the SK17SR mini excavator, a fixture in his rental fleet for over fifteen years.

Cj Stands Proudly Beside His Newly Acquired Sk500Xdlc-10
CJ stands proudly beside his newly acquired SK500XDLC-10

Transitioning this year to the SK500XDLC-10 heavy excavator, CJ’s decision was strengthened by calculated diesel savings. The comparison between the SK480LC and the new 52-tonne excavator showcased substantial fuel economies, effectively offsetting the machine’s cost against the significant 600,000 m3 dirt movement requirement for his project. Despite its size, CJ found mobility with the SK500XDLC-10 large excavator, emphasising its efficiency and suitability for his operations. The new Kobelco digger complements his 40-tonne Doosan dump trucks seamlessly, loading them efficiently with four and a half buckets. Its performance on varied terrains, including hills and wet surfaces, has proven both economical and impressive, consuming a mere 32 litres per hour during heavy-duty tasks.

For CJ, a well-appointed cabin is pivotal, enabling productivity while maintaining connectivity through hands-free cellphone features. The excavator’s comfort and efficiency have made a lasting impression, leading him to declare that smaller excavators are no longer a consideration due to their reduced efficiency compared to the larger Kobelco excavator.

While acknowledging that the SK500XDLC-10 may seem oversized for certain tasks, CJ emphasises its remarkable efficiency in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise require multiple efforts with smaller excavators. His preference now firmly resides with larger excavators, citing their comfort and heightened productivity as irreplaceable advantages in his construction endeavours.




Sk500Xdlc-10 Spacious Cabin, With Effortless Access: Ample Space, Increased Headroom, And Seamless Entry And Exit.
SK500XDLC-10 spacious Cabin, with effortless access: ample space, increased headroom, and seamless entry and exit.
The Sk500Xdlc-10 Excavator Complements Cj’s 40 Tonne Doosan Dump Truck Loading Them Efficiently With Four And A Half Buckets.
The SK500XDLC-10 excavator complements CJ’s 40 tonne Doosan dump truck loading them efficiently with four and a half buckets.
The Sk500Xdlc-10 Is Engineered And Designed To Excel On Even The Most Challenging Terrains.
The SK500XDLC-10 is engineered and designed to excel on even the most challenging terrains.
The Xd Arm: Enhanced Steel Plate Thickness On The Arm'S Top And Foot Amplifies Strength, Ensuring Robustness In The Most Grueling Work Environments.
The XD Arm: Enhanced steel plate thickness on the arm’s top and foot amplifies strength, ensuring robustness in the most grueling work environments.