First Kobelco SK55SRX-6 put to work

The owner of the first Kobelco SK55SRX-6 in Australia expects the machine to deliver improved fuel economy that will help him to remain competitive in the market.


Callum Roberts, owner of Pro-Dig Earthworks, took delivery of the new excavator in February. Pro-Dig is based in Launceston but operates across Tasmania, with 17 staff and 15 pieces of plant and machinery, including seven Kobelco Excavators.
"With diesel costs increasing the way they are, the fuel economy of the SK55SRX-6 was a key reason for choosing it,” Callum said.
“Lower fuel costs will help reduce our overheads and increase our bottom line even while we’re offering our customers competitive rates.
"Our jobs include commercial civil works, car parks, house footings, plumbing excavations, bulking out houses and digging trenches. All of this demands a lot of grunt, which we know the SK55SRX-6 will deliver, because we’ve seen the performance and toughness of our other Kobelco machines.” 
Already, the new SK55SRX-6 has been very popular with Callum’s operators.
"It’s great to have this shiny new machine in the fleet, and we’re super-excited about it being the first one in Australia. We are really impressed with the specs. The larger cab is a major plus, with bigger windows and plenty of mirrors.”
"It is also set up to provide proper operator comfort, which is critical when you work machines hard, for long periods, in challenging environments.”
The SK55SRX-6 is able to accommodate a wide range of attachments, which is essential for Pro-Dig’s variety of work.
“We run tilt hitches, rock grabs, augers and rock breakers and the SK55SRX-6 handles them all with ease. It is also very easy to maintain, with everything that needs attention out in the open and convenient to reach. The new Kobelco iNDr filter is especially impressive. It makes day-to-day maintenance so much easier and it’s good to know that any air heading into the machine has to pass through this filter."
Pro-Dig purchased their latest Kobelco from D&L Morrison at Tasmania.
"If there is ever an issue the team at D&L Morrison treat it with integrity and professionalism. Their service and commitment is a massive asset and a vital part of our company’s success. I’m a big believer in ‘good old fashioned service’ and D&L Morrison really looks after us.”
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