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Lakes District Contracting Limited Invest in Their First SK140SRLC

Lakes District Contracting was founded by Croz (Director of Lakes District Contracting) 30 years ago in Canberra, Australia, with the purchase of their first Bobcat machine. Over time, they expanded their fleet to include several machines and trucks. Around 12 years ago, the company decided to return to their roots back in New Zealand in Alexandra, Central Otago, South Island. Here, they have expanded their fleet to include compactors, tractors, and trenching machines, growing their business steadily over the period. Today, they are content with their current position in the market and enjoy operating mostly freehold.

Croz, manages a team of six plus offers casual employment to Semiretired skilled Machine Operators that enjoy helping out when work ramps up. These employees efficiently handle power pole work, as well as jobs on house sites, rural sites, telecommunication and water projects.

Recently, Lakes District Contracting made a significant investment in their first Kobelco SK140SRLC-7. Kobelco’s New 14-Tonne Short Radius, Long Carriage, Tier 3 (No AdBlue), Dash 7, Excavator features new improvements over previous models, such as a 17% increase in digging force and a 10% reduction in digging cycle time.

Lakes District Contracting Limited will use this New Machine mainly to subcontract to larger companies. Mostly the work involves using the diggers with auger combinations for power pole installations. Other work consists of culverts, general drainage, house sites, rural driveways, digging, and compacting work also. Larger companies often cannot commit to shorter projects lasting 4–6 weeks, but with Croz’s flexible workforce, this type of job is ideal. His business is versatile, with more machines than workers, allowing for efficient use of different equipment for various tasks.

Lakes District Contracting Limited

Image Lakes District Contracting 1 - Kobelco Excavators

Croz highly values the SK140SRLC-7 excavator, praising its power, ease of operation, and the comfort of its Dash-7 cabin. 

Croz recalls his first excavator in New Zealand, a Kobelco SK35 3.5-tonne excavator purchased in Auckland. It was innovative at the time, allowing horizontal digging close to a house or footing, a feature not commonly available back then. This excavator enabled him to complete significant projects, including all footpaths for Molyneux Estate in Alexandra, setting a solid foundation for his business in 2003.

Despite facing challenges, such as the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes, Croz’s determination saw him through. He worked in Christchurch for three and a half years, clearing roads for emergency services with his Bobcat, Wheeled Digger (Pneumatic Excavator), and a Mini Digger. This period was tough, especially being away from his family, but it was character-building and a testament to his hard work.

Croz stays involved in the business, handling wages, and maintaining an overview of operations. Although he jokes about retiring at 21, he continues to work diligently, enjoying activities like trout fishing and building a Maimai (Camouflaged Hunting Hut) on his property.

Croz highly values the SK140SRLC-7 excavator, praising its power, ease of operation, and the comfort of its large cabin. He appreciates the machine’s features, such as the ride comfort of the Grammar Heated Air suspension seat and the computer interface specifically the 10-inch colour monitor making it easy reading and navigation through the menu. Further, the attachment mode system makes simple and quick utilisation of different attachments. The SK140SRLC-7 complements the Wedgelock rotating hitch and power clamp attachments, enhancing efficiency and convenience seamlessly for the operator.

Most of all, Croz has been significantly impressed with the SK140SRLC-7’s quietness of operation, even when running at high throttle. Croz and the team enjoy building relationships with their customers they subcontract to and with other owner-operators. So having quite efficient machines such as the SK140SRLC-7 on the job certainly helps with customer satisfaction. He believes reliability, efficiency and maintaining good relationships is all part of Lakes District Contracting Limited success to date and Croz is thankful for the repeat customers because of this.