Megex Civil reaps rewards with tough 50 tonne Kobelco


Rock-ripping toughness and outstanding fuel efficiency made the Kobelco
50 tonne SK500LC-9 the ideal machine for Sydney company Megex Civil to add to its fleet.

Megex Civil operates a fleet of 30 machines, and managing director Warren Megarry says that he was looking for something better than the market average for heavy excavators when he chose the Kobelco.

‘We’ve had the Kobelco SK500LC-9 for a couple of months now and we’re impressed by how well it can rip through rock. Kobelco excavators have a good reputation so I was happy when we bought it, but I’m even happier now that I’ve seen it in action,’ Warren says.

Megex Civil specialises in major industrial warehousing and is based in Western Sydney. Warren says Megex Civil will have a lot of ongoing work for the next five years, so it was important that the new excavator would be strong and reliable. 

‘Brands I had traditionally bought were either pricing themselves out of the market, or were so heavy on fuel that I knew in this day and age there must be a better option,’ Warren says.

Working with Sydney-based Kobelco distributor Sydney Trucks & machinery (STM), Warren says he found more solutions to his machinery problems than he imagined he would get when he started researching.

‘It was a huge advantage that I could get the Kobelco SK500LC-9 from STM within the fortnight since my new machine would be at work far sooner than I had anticipated,’ he says.

With the success of his new Kobelco SK500LC-9, Warren is now investigating the Kobelco
35 tonne excavators, including the SK350LC-10 released earlier in 2016.

‘The heavy SK500LC-9 has boosted our productivity and is a really beneficial addition to our fleet.’



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