Operators Dig Up History with Kobelco

Gavin Storer founded GRS Excavations 14 years ago. The company is based in Rangoria and specialises in hill work for new residential foundations and also carries out commercial foundation work, driveway construction, demolition, farm drain cleaning and general contracting.

GRS Excavations purchased three new Kobelco excavators – SK55SR, SK80MSR and SK135SR from Kobelco New Zealand dealer Mimico Equipment.

Gavin says, “Prices were competitive but what sealed the deal was that Mimico were able to supply the machines to our specs and deliver within one month. The excavators came with a full range of buckets and quick hitches and the SK80MSR has an auger attachment which has made it a really versatile machine.”

Kobelco excavators are good machines that perform well and have zero tail swing. The Kobelco SK55SR has a great cab compared to other 5 tonner brands which can sometimes feel like you’re sitting in a glovebox. Air-conditioning is standard and my operators think the driver comfort is pretty good.”

“Installing radios and signwriting for the Kobelco excavators was carried out by Mimico prior to delivery as well. Nothing was a problem for Mimico’s staff.”

GRS Excavations take on many interesting jobs, the most recent one is a huge project involving demolition and site works at the Isaac Theatre Royal building in Christchurch. This historical building is carefully being deconstructed with only the façade and marble staircase remaining.

“It has been a really interesting job working on a historical building with archaeologists on site and we never expected to dig up so much history. Whenever we come across a small item, work stops while they check it out. It has taken 12 months so far and is not yet complete,” adds Gavin.

They have uncovered heaps of historical bottles and clay pots under the theatre. One of the most remarkable findings by Gavin’s operator is unearthed bones that turned out to be the remains of a circus pony buried there 150 years ago. 

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