Pipeline Technics saves money with fuel efficient Kobelco excavator

Civil engineering firm Pipeline Technics was pleasantly surprised with the fuel efficiency of the Kobelco 35 tonne SK350LC-10 excavator when they used it alongside several other branded excavators on a major work site recently.

“We haven’t found any other brand of excavator in the 35 tonne market segment that is as fuel efficient as the Kobelco SK350LC-10. We were blown away by the figures when comparing it to another brand, and found the Kobelco can save us up to $1,400 per month,” said Pipeline Technics owner Gay Collins.

Perth-based Pipeline Technics specialises in civil engineering, labour hire, wet and dry hire, plus pipeline, drainage and poly welding services throughout Western Australia. The services include site preparation and enabling works, drainage, sewerage and water reticulation, bulk and detailed earth works, road works, provision and relocation of services and utilities, which means they use excavators extensively.

Company founder Gay Collins employs approximately 70 staff including his three sons in his growing civil engineering firm. Gay has run his own business for just eight years but has over 35 years’ experience within the industry.

Kobelco and dealer LiftRite Hire and Sales have been supporting Pipeline Technics since its inception when they bought their first machine.

“We get great backup from our dealer Cameron Baker at LiftRite Hire & Sales. They have supplied us with two Kobelco SK350LC-10s in 2017, and a Kobelco SK350LC-10 and SK210LC-10 this year.

“Kobelco has a good range of excavators which are well priced and have good fuel economy, and our guys in the field really enjoy using them,” Gay said.

Pipeline Technics Plant Manager, Dan Walker says the Kobelco excavators are “nice to drive and control. The functions of the machines are easily changed and controlled which is a bonus particularly for the hire part of the business.

“Our Kobelco machines are often out on hire and when they return to our yard we do a lot of the maintenance inhouse. The machines are easy to work on which means they can be back out on hire quickly, earning us income.

“The real highlight of the Kobelco 35 tonne is its fuel efficiency. We had another brand of 35T excavator working alongside the Kobelco machine and it was burning 28 litres of fuel per hour while the Kobelco was using just 18 litres per hour,” Dan said.

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