Winning projects backed by reliability


Reliable machinery is essential to winning important contracts, according to a leading contractor who chooses Kobelco equipment.

JBG Contractors has been performing civil works, quarrying, demolition and asbestos removal from Sydney to the far south coast of NSW for the past 20 years. JBG has been choosing Kobelco equipment for more than a decade, and manager Budd Green says this supplier partnership has been critical to JBG’s success.

“Taking advantage of Kobelco’s fuel efficient and reliable machines has enabled us to rapidly deliver large-scale projects, like upgrades to the University of Wollongong and some major government projects across the state,” he says.

“We have to stay competitive, and that means we can’t afford downtime. Our collaboration with Kobelco means serviceability isn’t an issue. They put the effort into looking after us and so we keep coming back.”

JBG Contractors purchased its first Kobelco excavator in 2006 from South Coast Trucks and Machinery in Wollongong, and has established a solid working relationship with the distributor.

“At the time, we were expanding the business as we were getting more and more work, but we had been having difficulty getting machines serviced promptly,” Budd says.

“We approached South Coast Trucks and Machinery, our local Kobelco dealer, and were really happy with the initial purchase time, back up and support given and it’s been consistent ever since. We couldn’t afford the downtime we were experiencing before we got Kobelco machines on board and it’s made a huge difference to the growth of our business in a competitive area of the state.”

Today, JBG Contractors has a fleet of 15 Kobelco excavators including mini, midi and large excavator models.

“We make a point of ensuring that all of our equipment is modern with the latest safety and technological features on board to comply with all major project specifications,’ Budd says.

“To that end, we have just updated our entire fleet with the latest and most accurate GPS systems.”

Kobelco currently offers more than 35 excavator models from 0.5-100 tonnes. 

Every Kobelco excavator comes with an industry-leading warranty and unbeaten fuel efficiency which makes them extremely cost-effective.


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