Arrival of the SK135SR-7

New Kobelco SK135SR-7 delivers exceptional performance and operator experience through harmonisation of power and design

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia (KCMA) is pleased to announce the arrival of the SK135SR-7 – a 15 tonne short radius excavator that delivers enhanced performance and productivity through harmonisation of mechanical power, operating speed and overall machine design.

The SK135SR-7 is the latest in a new generation of excavators to demonstrate Kobelco’s prowess in excavator design and manufacture. Coupled with modern manufacturing processes and customer feedback, the Japanese manufacturer’s SK135SR-7 sets a new class-defining standard in operational performance and operator comfort. Together with Kobelco’s well-earned reputation as a leader in fuel efficiency and reliability, the SK135SR-7 is set to be a game changer in its class.

The latest in a long line of powerful and efficient 15 tonne excavators, the Kobelco SK135SR-7 takes power and efficiency even further. The Isuzu 3.0L turbocharged diesel engine meets global emissions standards, while at the same time gaining a significant 10% increase in engine output (compared to SK135SR-5). The performance increase ensures no loss of power on gradients and with heavy bucket loads and delivers a powerful tractive effort of 141kN. Complete with a new hydraulic control system, digging cycle time has been reduced by 10%, compared with the previous model.

Design principles are all-important keys to machine operation and, of course, purchasing decisions. Kobelco has always believed that operator care and safety through design is paramount; the SK135SR-7 benefits from a modern cabin design with operating controls and systems that feature the latest available technology as standard to boost production efficiency through precise, easy to use and read controls, and class-leading operator comfort.

The spacious sealed and pressurised cabin of the SK135SR-7 is an arena of ultra-modern, easily accessible operating controls and components – with finish and function comparable to that of premium European cars. The layout is designed to deliver a new experience in excavator operation, starting with a 10-inch colour monitor – the largest in-cab visual information screen within the excavator industry.

The easy access 10-inch colour monitor provides the operator with a clear view of important machine status information, function menus and the all-important views from three cameras that are supplied as standard equipment. As well as rear and right side images, images from a third camera (positioned on the left side) combine to create a unique “eagle-eye” view, allowing full 270 degree machine perimeter visibility.  Monitor functions are controlled by a modern multifunction jog-type dial that allows control even with gloved hands, and is also LED backlit for ease of operation.

Installed in the new SK135SR-7 is a heated and air-cushioned suspension seat that is Kobelco-branded and built by Grammer, constructed to incorporate the joystick and armrests as one unit, so any movement of the seat means the operator remains comfortable and in full control. The seat and console units of this superior seating system are designed so that the available range of adjustment provides the ideal posture position for any operator, to give all-day comfort, therefore boosting work efficiency. The cabin’s standard climate control system has been revised so cooling air is directed towards the operator’s upper torso from four ducts positioned left and right at the rear of the cab. Further aiding the operator is a new control lever and hydraulic system that has shorter, more precise lever movement to further promote operator comfort.

Other features of the SK135SR-7 cabin that boost operator comfort and safety include:  A) the use of an LED door lamp that switches on when the cabin door is opened or the ignition is switched off, B) The use of LED backlighting on all control switches, which is pleasing to the eye and reduces eyestrain during night operation, C) the FOPS Level II roof guard is equipped with a lockable swing-open section so the external roof glass can be easily cleaned to ensure unhindered visibility, and D) a Bluetooth integrated stereo system with hands-free calling support allows operators to stay connected while safely in control of the job at hand.

Kobelco design and support has led to quick hitch piping and an additional tilt/rotate circuit with a dedicated pump being fitted in addition to primary bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics – all standard equipment on the SK135SR-7, further promoting its capability as a versatile multi-purpose machine. In conjunction with the latest hydraulic control system, the operator can select one of seven pre-set hydraulic attachment control modes (e.g. bucket, nibbler, tilt-rotator, breaker etc.) via the 10-inch colour screen and jog-dial. The advanced hydraulic control system automatically balances and optimises machine operating characteristics to suit the demands of specific attachment types, and can be dynamically adjusted to suit operator preferences. In addition to the pre-set attachment modes, four optional modes can be configured to operation requirements.

Kobelco’s Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction System (iNDr) provides the SK135SR-7 with ultra-low onsite noise operation – a necessary requirement when working in populated urban areas, or in close proximity of onsite workforce. It also enhances serviceability by allowing easy access to the air filter, now mounted in front of the radiator system, which reduces day-to-day servicing downtime and use of additional tools to clean the cooling package.

Commenting on the introduction of the new SK135SR-7, General Manager of Marketing, Chris Wolf, said: “Kobelco is committed to designing and manufacturing the most capable and efficient excavators available, and the introduction of the SK135SR-7 demonstrates this perfectly. The SK135SR-7 delivers on Kobelco’s mission to combine unbeatable performance with modern machine design in its latest generation of excavators, reinforcing its position as the market leader in this class in Australia.”

The Kobelco SK135SR-7 is available at dealers around Australia and New Zealand from early July 2020. To locate your local authorised Kobelco dealer, click here.

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