Backing Excellence with the Best Warranty

Not content with manufacturing the highest quality excavators available, Kobelco is now backing all its machines with industry-leading warranty.

“We don’t just say that Kobelco’s excavators are the best on the market: we’re prepared to back it by offering the best warranty in the market” said Doug McQuinn, Kobelco General Manager Sales & Service.
In launching the upgraded warranties, Doug said that Kobelco’s business is excavators, both large and small so the warranty upgrade was made to all models in the range. 
The full factory warranty on Kobleco’s heavy excavators has been increased to 2 years / 3,000 hours from 1 August 2014, leading the industry in warranty for this class of machine. In addition, all Kobelco Heavy Excavators come with 4 year, 6,000 hour Extended Power Train Warranty as standard at no additional cost.
While on the range of mini excavators, Kobelco have previously offered a 4 year / 4,000 hours extended power train (EPT) warranty, they are now upgrading this with a 4 year / 4,000 hours full factory warranty on the complete machine. This warranty also extends to the new range of mini models launched this month. 
“This move is not just a better deal for our customers but it simplifies warranty, as it’s no longer necessary to offer a separate EPT warranty for Kobelco mini excavators.”
“To show that this is a genuine offer and not being compensated for in the sale price, we are holding our current pricing because all our excavators including the latest generation of Kobelco mini excavators are worthy of the extended warranty”, Doug explained.
All Kobelco SR series heavy excavators as well as the new mini excavators in Kobelco’s range share the iNDr noise and dust reduction system, making Kobelco excavators the quietest across the full range of sizes. In addition, Kobelco excavators offer exceptional low fuel usage.
A further feature of the latest generation of Kobelco mini excavators is a new S mode of operation that provides up to a 20% improvement in fuel economy compared to the high idle mode of earlier generation machines.
Doug said, “The extended warranty and improved fuel economy are designed to drive operating costs down for owners. 
“While it is important to have productive machines that meet or exceed the latest environmental regulations, the owner will rightly place high importance on reliability and low operating costs.
“That is why we have backed our machines with the best warranty package on the market.”

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