Kobelco Reveals New Website

Kobelco is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website www.kobelco.com.au , on January 2013.
The website features new designs with a fresh look and offers brand and product information with easy navigation.

“The goal of our website is to present product information through brochures, images and videos for customers and visitors to enjoy.
It is designed to allow customers to send through any enquiries and contact our supportive dealer network,” says Kobelco Brand Leader, Doug McQuinn

Kobelco encourages visitors of the website to engage in conversation through the blog page as well as for customers to visit the site regularly for various releases and testimonial stories.  
Visitors can also see videos of machines in action by clicking on the YouTube link from the homepage.

Doug says, “In addition to Kobelco creating a good experience online for customers and keeping up with the increased mobile and tablet use, we are excited to make public our mobile version of the website for those on the move with quick and easy access to product specifications.”

The website has been doing really well since its launch and Kobelco would like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to One Click Australia for their website design services.
Please visit their website and view their portfolio here.

Customers can also sign up to our email newsletters from our homepage to receive tips, advice and updates on the latest stories.
Kobelco is also offering the first 20 customers to subscribe to our email newsletters a free Kobelco polo shirt!

This offer starts from Tuesday 19th February 2013!
Just fill in the fields for your name and email and Kobelco will get in contact with you


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