Genuine Kobelco Parts

Kobelco excavators are supported by a master parts warehouse located in Sydney Australia, which regularly restocks our dealer network across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The parts warehouse stocks an extensive range of parts which are covered by the Kobelco factory parts warranty system. When you buy genuine Kobelco parts you can rest assured that your Kobelco excavator will perform at its optimum level throughout its lifecycle.


The Kobelco Genuine Lubricants range are manufactured to meet the design criteria recommended by our factory engineers, ensuring your Kobelco components are protected throughout their lifecycle, and service intervals are kept to a minimum, ensuring the cost of ownership of your investment is kept to a minimum, and operational uptime is maintained throughout the year.

Kobelco Genuine Lubricants coupled with Kobelco Oil Analysis and Testing allows effective trending analysis that will minimise equipment downtime, permit more efficient maintenance scheduling and increase equipment resale values.

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Genuine Parts

Kobelco Genuine parts are specifically manufactured to suit your Kobelco Excavator, ensuring a perfect fit to the same exact standards that are set when the machine was designed.

From hydraulic components to operator cabins, Kobelco Genuine Parts are manufactured to the same precise standards as your Kobelco excavator. Extensive laboratory and field testing goes into every product just like our excavators. Kobelco genuine parts are built for durability and reliability to minimise downtime.

Kobelco Genuine Parts are covered by a 12 months 1,500 hour factory warranty, ensuring your Kobelco excavator performs to the highest possible safety and reliability standards.

The Kobelco parts range includes engine components, hydraulic components, drive train components, undercarriage parts, filters, lubricant oil sampling kits, operators cabins and glass in the unlikely event your machine may be damaged.

Kobelco customer support is backed up by an experienced dealer network throughout Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia that are there to offer expert advice and to keep your machine running at its optimum performance.

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Undercarriage Parts and Services

Kobelco offer an extensive range of undercarriage track chains, sprockets, idlers, top and bottom rollers, rubber tracks and bolt on rubber track pads to ensure your excavator undercarriage is well maintained over its lifecycle.

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Oil Sampling & Analysis

The Kobelco Oil Sampling Service provides early warning detection, diagnosis and evaluation of engine and major hydraulic compartments. The test results consist of looking at both the health of the equipment and the integrity of the lubricants. Trending of the test data over a period of time is a valuable tool to monitor ongoing equipment condition and allows you to predict corrective action before interruption to operations or increased maintenance costs occurring.

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Consumable Parts


Kobelco Genuine Filters are made to exact tolerances that guarantee consistent high quality. They provide consistent performance to protect your engine, drive train, and hydraulic systems.

Kobelco Genuine Filters offer the superior quality and protection you need to maximise your engine and other component system’s life. The advanced design features combine to deliver maximum filtration efficiency and the protection you need to get the most out of your machine.

Filter Kits

Kobelco offer an extensive range of filter and service kits for your current model machine which are conveniently packed into one single Kobelco storage box. These filter and service kits also provide significant price savings compared to buying individual filter parts.

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Kobelco doesn’t just build the highest quality excavators in the industry – they are also backed up by an expert network of independently owned and operated dealers.

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