Mini Excavators


  • The SK35SR is built to maximise performance in the 3.5T class.
  • The boom, arm and swing bracket all have large cross-section segments for added attachment strength.
  • Ensures durability and reliability over the life of the machine, and maximising resale value.
  • Like all Kobelco mini excavators, the SK35SR comes with a standard 4 year/4,000 hour Full Machine Warranty.

Digging performance is outstanding, with a multiple pump flow-sharing system providing pump flow of 38.4 L/min and pressure of 23.0 MPa (relief valve setting), maintaining ample power for any task at hand. Energy Conservation Mode – equipped with ‘S’ mode, which lowers fuel consumption by up to 25% over previous models.

The SK35SR includes Kobelco’s exclusive iNDr cooling system reducing heat, noise and dust penetration with a short tail swing to allow operators to work in tight spaces.

The SK35SR has standard factory fitted quick hitch piping, colour LCD monitor and more digging power. It also features a unique blade design which prevents earth from falling behind the blade, by curling it forward as it cuts. The dozer lever features hydraulic pilot control for precise control.

Start-up checks are essential for safe and reliable machine operation. All start-up checks can be performed at ground level, with an easy-to-understand layout and cover design that simplifies access and saves time.


Transport Dimensions

Length, Width & Height

4.87 x 1.7 x 2.51 m

Operating Weight

3,770 kg

Refilling Capacities

Fuel Tank

42 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

20.4 (44.8) L

Working Range

Max. Digging Depth

3.05 m

Max. Digging Reach

5.39 m


Rated Power Output

18.1 kW

Rated Torque

79.4 Nm

Breakout Force

Bucket Digging Force

27.8 kN

Arm Crowding Force

22.4 kN

Hydraulic System

Max. Pump Flow

2 x 38.4 + 19.2 L/min

Standard Auxiliary

N&B + Tilt Piping

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