The SK380SRLC is the heaviest limited tail swing excavator in the market to enter the 35 tonne class, bringing excellent lifting and digging performance to tight access worksites, while helping to meet the growing needs of large urban infrastructure projects around the world.

Based on extensive market research and considering the needs of customers, the SK380SRLC delivers superior efficiency and productivity with increased power and digging performance, alongside uncompromising operator comfort and machine operability.


Transport Dimensions

Length, Width & Height

9.98 x 3.19 x 3.35 m** (**600 mm shoe)

Operating Weight

36,800 kg

Refilling Capacities

Fuel Tank

350 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

245 (440) L

Working Range

Max. Digging Depth

6.99 m

Max. Digging Reach

10.93 m


Rated Power Output

210 kW

Rated Torque

1,080 Nm

Breakout Force

Bucket Digging Force

208 kN

Arm Crowding Force

139 kN

Hydraulic System

Max. Pump Flow

2 x 245 L/min + 19, 44.3 L/min

Standard Auxiliary

N&B + Tilt Piping

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