Announcing New Range of Mini Excavators

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In August 2014, the new SK28SR-6, SK30SR-6, SK35SR-6 and SK45SRX-6 models will be available in Australia, replacing the current series-5.

Doug McQuinn, Kobelco’s General Manager of Sales and Service said that the company has been working alongside operators to develop these new state-of-the-art models.
“We listened to customer feedback to understand what impacts on their time and resources and we have worked towards building new models that will help them achieve better productivity without compromising safety.
“Our focus with these new models is to increase the digging power and the number of performance features while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and safety. These new models ensure that operators can still get the performance they need while keeping their costs down,” said Doug.
We are also pleased to announce our new Factory and EPT Warranty offering on our Kobelco excavators signed up by our authorised dealers from 1st August 2014.
The Mini Excavators Full Factory Warranty will increase to 4 years / 4,000 hours which is the most generous warranty offer in the industry.
This means together with the features and benefits of our Mini Excavator range, customers are fully covered under warranty with no repair costs in the first 4,000 hours.
Under this new warranty offering, Mini Excavator prices will not change and it also eliminates the need to offer additional EPT Warranty on Mini Excavators.
In addition, the Heavy Excavators Full Factory Warranty will increase to 2 years / 3,000 hours.
This industry leading warranty offer on Kobelco Heavy Excavators together with outstanding features such as our fuel efficient engines and iNDr Cooling System means customers have more confidence with their Kobelco purchase.
Inclusive Heavy Excavator EPT Warranty will increase to 4 years / 6,000 hours.
Under this new warranty offering, Heavy Excavator prices will not change.
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