Help Kobelco Support Bear Cottage Superhero Week

Kobelco Australia calling all Superheroes! 
We are trying to raise awareness of Bear Cottage Superhero Week and need your help. 

Bear cottage is a very special place dedicated to providing support, respite and end-of-life care for children and their families, in a warm homelike environment. Caring for a child with a life-limiting condition changes a family’s life forever. Exhausting, rewarding, sometimes positive, often painful – Bear Cottage is a place where respite is possible.

The more people that know about Bear Cottage, the greater their impact, so please spread the word. You can find more on Bear Cottage and the story of their superheroes here

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Our aim is to reach 500 likes, shares, comments and we will donate $5,000 to Bear Cottage!

If you also wish to donate, please follow this link

Thank you in advance for your time, support & generosity!

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