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Stepping onsite at Kings School in North Parramatta there is a buzz of activity. There is a low lying early morning fog and the sun is coming up and shining rays of light in-between the trees that surround the worksite. There’s an almost magical feel as the Kobelco machine and their operators start moving around onsite. Even though it had poured with rain the day before, there is an obvious push forward by the crew from Rhino Demolition who aren’t letting the ankle-deep muddy conditions slow down either themselves or the half dozen Kobelco machines that are scattered around the site.

The team at Earthmoving Equipment Magazine met with the Project Manager of Rhino Demolition, Peter Kanak, at the Kings School site. Peter has 15 years of experience in all facets of demolition work and started with Rhino Demolition as a labourer a decade and a half ago. Peter moved over from Prague in the Czech Republic and his hard work, focus and determination saw him progress from labourer to truck driver, then making a move to the office, doing allocations and estimations. Now in 2018 Peter is back onsite as a project manager with a thorough understanding of all tasks and roles on site because at one stage or another he has spent a significant amount of time completing most aspects of the job.

Rhino Demolition has the resources and equipment to undertake pretty much any size project in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors throughout Australia. They specialise in structural demolition, detailed demolition, excavation, concrete cutting and rubbish removal. But it is through their business know-how of the management team combined with the energy and focus of well-trained project teams that combine to deliver on-time successful projects that are in accordance with OHS&E standards.

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Rhino has maintained a strong relationship with Sydney Trucks & Machinery Centre (STM) and Kobelco over the last decade, in particular with STM’s Sydney Sales Rep, Adrian Martiniello. Adrian has been kicking some great goals with STM for four years now and has enjoyed his time helping Rhino and his other 300 odd Sydney-wide customers grow over this time. Adrian commented, “The main changes I’ve noticed over the last four years with STM is the large number of infrastructure projects and road projects that require compact radius machines becoming more prevalent in the market.” With a competitive industry Adrian believes great relationships with his clients is everything and it’s the little things they do behind the scenes that keep their customers coming back.

With over 10 Kobelco machines in their stable, ranging from the Kobelco SK008 up to the SK235, Rhino are obviously very happy with the relationship and have found the machines from Kobelco very suitable for their operations. This is due to their fantastic balance of power/performance, reliability, time-saving technologies and operator comfort, enthusiasm, confidence and speed behind the controls. The boys all enjoy operating the Kobelco’s because of the quality of the machine and comfort of the cabin and ergonomics of the controls. Speaking with Peter, it’s obvious the lads at Rhino have a fantastic relationship with Adrian and the team at STM.

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