Kobelco Customer Japan Trip

Kobelco Australia recently had another customer trip to Japan in November where three members of the Kobelco team took 15 customers and 7 of our Kobelco dealers to spend a week in Japan.

The trip took place from the 11th to 15th November where Kobelco customers had the opportunity to  see the new Itsukaichi Kobelco Factory, visit a Kobelco car dismantling customer and experience the Japanese culture along with some sightseeing.

The group had an eventful and exciting time exploring a Sake Brewery, experiencing Japan’s remarkable Shinkansen bullet trains to Hiroshima and Kyoto, visiting the Kinkakuji Temple, visiting a shopping centre in Osaka as well as having a BBQ at the top of Mount Rokko.

One of the main highlights of the trip for customers was going on the Itsukaichi Factory tour where they got to see Kobelco’s state of the art technology and Global Engineering Centre. Here customers had the chance to see the production process from raw materials through to final fit-out of new excavators.

Every part of the manufacturing process is done efficiently with a high level of quality, technology and engineering that is world leading in excavator manufacturing – it is truly built by Kobelco.

Peter Goldsprings says, “The cleanliness of the factory is amazing, where they were putting the hydraulic systems together was ultra clean and dust free. The precision in the welding of the undercarriage components and the subframe was amazing using gigs for distortion free welds and robots means precision and accuracy every time. Overall an amazing place with incredible efficiency.”

Luke Vickers from R.Slator & Sons adds, “The new factory was amazing to see how efficient and clean everything was, really was impressive. It’s amazing nothing ever touches the floor!”

Other highlights of the Japan trip for customers included seeing the Peace Park Memorial in Hiroshima plus going on the Auto Parts Koshin Ltd Kobelco customer car dismantler tour.

All guests had a great time and you can see more by checking out the photos below!

Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 2 - Kobelco Excavators
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 3 - Kobelco Excavators
Group shots outside the Itsukaichi Factory.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 4 - Kobelco Excavators
The group is given a presentation on the Itsukaichi factory and plans for the future.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 5 - Kobelco Excavators
 Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 6 - Kobelco Excavators
Kobelco 20 tonne car dismantling machine loading cars into a crusher for compacting.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 7 - Kobelco Excavators
 Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 8 - Kobelco ExcavatorsImage Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 9 - Kobelco Excavators
Kiyomizu-dera Temple built for a Japanese warrior – group was amazed by the engineering without modern equipment.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 10 - Kobelco Excavators
Darryl Marshall from Darryl’s Bobcat Services feeding the deer at the Budda Temple in Kyoto.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 11 - Kobelco Excavators
The Budda Temple in Kyoto had a statue of Budda measuring 20 metres high.
Image Kobelco Customer Japan Trip 12 - Kobelco Excavators

 Kiyomizu-dera temple ancient spring water is believed to provide healing and longevity of life.

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