Kobelco excavators with Trimble Earthworks System

Together with the Trimble Earthworks System, Kobelco is delivering a level of productivity and precision that you absolutely have to see to believe.

Kobelco offers customers the latest generation machines as 3D GPS Guidance Ready.

The video below demonstrates the Kobelco SK350LC machine control ready with automatics. With a machine control system using automatics, the machine automatically controls the position of the bucket and the boom when operating in a semi-autonomous mode. All the operator needs to is position the machine and simply pull back on the arm control stick where he wants to cut the grade. The system will stay on grade automatically, controlling the boom and the bucket to keep the cutting edge perfectly on grade according to the site plan. It even works with tilting buckets and tilt hitches.

The demand on contractors to be more efficient and productive is greater than ever before. The SK350LC with Trimble 3D semi-autonomous earthworks system, was developed in conjunction with Kobelco and it makes our contractors more efficient than ever before.

Image Kobelco Excavators With Trimble Earthworks System 2 - Kobelco Excavators

It is the most easy to use system on the market. An operator can be trained in under an hour, to go from an operator who hasn’t used machine control before, to an experienced machine control operator. Trimble Earthworks machine control technology allows the user to input a design and then use the system to semi-autonomously dig to that design, taking all the effort out of the operators hands. He literally presses a button on the joystick, pulls back on the left joystick, it does everything else.

Image Kobelco Excavators With Trimble Earthworks System 3 - Kobelco Excavators

The installation of Trimble Earthworks on the Kobelco machine couldn’t be easier. The Kobelco machine was developed with Trimble Earthworks in mind. The hydraulics don’t need cutting and tapping. There’s plates in place, easily bolt on, it’s a simple hand tool install.

Click on the image below to watch the Kobelco SK350LC with the Trimble Earthworks System!

Image Kobelco Excavators With Trimble Earthworks System 4 - Kobelco Excavators

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