Kobelco Heavy Excavator Range

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What Our Customers Are Saying about the Kobelco heavy excavator range: 

Dan Baumann from Peachey Constructions –
“Kobelco machines have proven to be rugged and reliable in addition to delivering comfort and efficiency. Compared to one of the major brands, we estimate each Kobelco we have could save us $15,000 per year per machine, based on running 2000 hours in the year at $1.50 per litre for diesel.”

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Tom Kelliher from Eire Contractors –
“With Kobelco, servicing is easy and parts are readily available but servicing is now really only a maintenance requirement because we haven’t had to fix any machines. This has saved us real time and money.”

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Clinton McKinnon from Atcall Civil Contracting –
“Our new Kobelco SK250 excavator is the perfect contractor’s machine. It’s not as big as a 30 tonner and not as small as a 20-tonner. Yet it still gets through the bulk work at a reasonable rate and can also get down and do the smaller stuff. That kind of versatility is very important for a contractor.”

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Allan Payne from Rock Trade Industries –
“We did a lot of research and we’ve tested a lot of different machines. The Kobelco excavators always had the edge over their competitors. We picked up a Kobelco SK250-8 excavator and we now have eight Kobelco machines, all purchased from our local Kobelco dealership. Kobelco excavators have been the best value for money and good, reliable machines. They’ll certainly be part of our future.”

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