If you are located in the vicinity of the Macarthur region in NSW and have a need for highly complicated engineered structures, civil landscaping and concreting projects, chances are you have already worked with the highly specialised team at Austin Contracting Services (ACS).

ACS have serviced the Macarthur region for over 20 years. During this time, they have become a market leader in the art of concrete and landscape construction with exemplary customer service that is hard to match.


With his professional and highly skilled tradesmen along with Kobelco machinery, owner Adam Austin has been working together with Sydney Trucks and Machinery (STM) for many years, in a pairing that has gone from strength to strength. Catching up with Adam on one of his sites, he shared, “I’ve had a passion for landscaping and construction from a very young age. The obsession began with helping my parents construct a formal garden for their much-loved home in Raby, NSW. After completing an apprenticeship at Camden Nurseries (a company that worked in both horticulture and landscaping), I was keen to find my feet in the construction side of civil landscaping. I started a small company initially, perusing residential projects. Over the years, the company has grown, along with my passion and knowledge. I am now proud to say that ACS have over  20 full-time employees and an extensive fleet of machinery.”

The ACS team is at the forefront of civil landscape construction in the Macarthur Region.


A focus on the smaller details has set ACS in great stride. Today, their reputation for executing highly complex projects brings Adam and his team plenty of work to ensure the growth of both their Kobelco fleet and their relationship with STM. “I originally started as a sole trader, which lasted five years, then in 2007 ACS was formed, and I haven’t looked back. Today, we offer a large range of excavation and site preparation services, retaining walls, paving, and all aspects of concreting, from basic slabs to highly engineered designs. It’s very cliché, but our results are driven by taking pride in what we do. The team at ACS believe there is nothing more satisfying than displaying outstanding craftsmanship and delivering a level of service that knocks our client’s socks off. We value our clients and enjoy the role we play in projects that build a better future for our communities,” Adam said, chatting with us in front of his new SK85MSR-7 Kobelco.

Adam is the type of business owner and operator who wants his employees to not only be safe in their machinery but be comfortable and efficient when completing daily tasks and projects. “To execute our construction to the highest level that we expect from ourselves, it is imperative to have reliable, high performing machinery. Choosing Kobelco limits downtime due to machinery problems allowing for smoother running and operation of projects. Our commitment to craftsmanship is made a great deal easier when your equipment performs with precision. Throughout my years in landscapes construction, I have come to know that Kobelco is absolutely second to none,” said Adam with evident enthusiasm and passion for his plant.

Adam continued, “Our new 8.5T Kobelco is a big hit amongst the crew for its comfort, reliability and fuel efficiency. This model is ACS’s first machine in the 8.5T category, as an addition to the existing fleet, which also includes 1.7, 3 and 5T Kobelco excavators.  I highly value the distributers at STM where we purchase our Kobelco excavators and trucks. I can always be rest assured that they offer great value for money and local servicing. We have enjoyed a great relationship with STM and appreciate that they are a family-owned business which has taken great care of ACS over the years. The SK85 offers the perfect swing boom for digging offset trenches. It is the ideal size to manoeuvre large sandstone blocks used in building retaining walls. We have the addition of padded tracks to avoid damage to finished surfaces.”


Adam and the ACS team are currently working on a large-scale residential project in the Camden area. The landscape design includes bulk earthworks, service conduit, stormwater installation, sandstone feature walls and road pavement.

Trust in machinery and companies like STM is earned over years by delivering quality products and top-notch service and maintenance, and it’s been this exact pairing that has given Adam the confidence in both the Kobelco product and his support from STM. Adam concluded, “over the years, Kobelco has proven itself to be the most reliable brand of excavator on the market. When we pick Kobelco, we will have less downtime and greater reliability in our machines to keep our jobs running smoothly. We have known Mark Morris (STM’s Sales Manager) and the team at STM for over ten years, and it’s from this decade of great service and trust that we will continue to buy both trucks and machinery from STM. They provide all our servicing and minor repairs with ease and reliability. You can’t ask for much more than that!”

Written by BCM For Tradies.

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