When the majority of your work is in built-up urban and city environments, you need to ensure your machinery is both powerful, feature-packed for performance and efficiencies, and compact with a short radius to make both working in tight workspaces and loading more manageable, and that’s precisely what Daly’s Constructions get from their Kobelco fleet.

Providing specialist civil and electrical design and construction throughout Australia and New Zealand is no easy feat. Still, for second-generation construction family-business  Daly’s Constructions, successfully tackling  large projects while meeting challenging demands such as the major tunnel projects in Sydney and Melbourne, cable projects in Western Australia and major bridge projects in Auckland, is just another day in the office.

DALY’S CONSTRUCTIONS FOUNDED IN 1971 Daly’s Constructions was founded in 1971 by Mary and Gabe Daly, but today it is the three brothers Nathan, Mark and Malachy Daly, who have been at the helm after taking the  reins from their parents some 30 years ago.

A lot has changed for Daly’s Constructions since opening their doors with Mark and Nathan, Directors of the Melbourne branch and Malachy the Director of their Brisbane branch. Daly’s Constructions have around ninety employees across both offices and the company has a strong value system based on principles that include a commitment to safety, quality of service, integrity in relationships and client satisfaction. Earthmoving Equipment Magazine visited several Daly’s sites on a recent trip to Melbourne to see their Kobelco fleet in action. These sites showcased the benefits of the short radius machines. One of the sites was a night-time operation on a major road, which involved many safety requirements.


At one of the sites, two SK135SR-7 Kobelcos worked seamlessly together with one machine digging the trench and the other loading the shoring into place for works to run the pipe along a stretch of the busy road safely. Night work adds another dimension to the job in terms of human resources and the reliability and performance of the machine. When comparing the preceding model to the SK135SR-7, the SK135SR-7 offers superior performance along with greater efficiency and productivity with its increased power and speed. The engine output has increased by 10 per cent, and the digging force has also increased by 17 per cent, while digging cycle time has reduced by 10 per cent. So, you can see very quickly why these two have been a great addition to the Daly’s fleet.

While in Melbourne, EEM also had an opportunity to catch up with both Mark and Nathan Daly from Daly’s Constructions and Shaun Pollard from Melbourne Tractors. Chatting with Mark and Nathan about not only their successful projects of late but also their Kobelco fleet, the brothers shared, “as our projects have grown, so has the requirements of our machinery, and Kobelco has supported us over the last 22 years. We have moved from 5’s, 7’s, 13’s and now 15’s across our civil and cable installation projects. Our most recent purchase was a 23T excavator. These sized machines allow us to tackle serious projects with all the power and capabilities we need for urban, city environments. Melbourne Tractors have been a great partner for us over the years. From the owner Ken Bennett, and his son Kane, who are hands on with the operation of a long-time family run business just like ours, means we have a lot of synergy with them and the way they operate. This has had a lot to do with the success of our ongoing relationship.”


The boys continued, “everyone at Daly’s loves our Kobelco fleet, regardless of the skill level of the operator. All of our team love the great cabin with all its luxuries and the power and features of the machines. We often dig trenches for cabling and pipes either on or beside major roads, so having compact, nimble, yet robust and powerful digging capabilities is a must. We get all of this and more from our Kobelcos.”

Daly’s Constructions have been continually upgrading their fleet over the years and another recent purchase from Melbourne Tractors was a 23-tonne excavator, which brought new levels of digging performance yet still offered a short radius solution. “This machine has amazing efficiencies with a dig depth of over 6.5 metres. Its reliable and quiet operation also matches its impressive power,” said Mark.

Nathan, Mark and Malachy purchased their first Kobelco back in the early 2000s, and as it stands today, the brothers have 27 Kobelco machines which they have purchased nationally into their business from Melbourne Tractors and BrisVegas Machinery. Melbourne Tractors’ sales representative, Shaun Pollard, has been working with Daly’s Constructions for the last five years. He has enjoyed a relationship with both Mark and Nathan, providing the right equipment to assist in successfully completing their projects and observing the growth and trajectory of the business. Discussing the Daly’s fleet with Shaun, he said, “in the time I’ve been with Melbourne Tractors, Daly’s have purchased one Kobelco SK235 and four SK135 Offset Boom excavators and we are continually in communication regarding their fleet requirements for upgrading and adding plant. I have also assisted the team at Daly’s with attachment requirements from specific foundation piling needs through Digga Australia, my former employer, and also various attachments which are required within their scopes from specific buckets and other attachments. The most recent two Kobelco excavators Daly’s purchased from us were the SK135SR-7 offsets. It is an exciting new model introduced within the past 12 months and has some significant upgrades in power, cycle times, operator features and cabin design, which have indeed been well received by current Kobelco owners and assisted in new owners coming across to a class-leading excavator.”

SK135SR-7 Features

  • Superior performance- Digging force increased by 17 per cent
  • Greater efficiency – Digging cycle times down 10 per cent
  • Greater productivity – Engine output increased by 10 per cent
  • Increased power and speed
  • Short radius
  • Eagle eye camera 270-degree vision


It seems that it’s been a combination of the Daly’s Kobelco fleet’s reliability and market-leading fuel consumption rates that have ensured Daly’s has delivered projects on time and within budget to their tier one clients. The fleet itself ranges from 1.7T through to 23T machines with national support through local branches.

When asking Shaun specifically about his relationship with Mark and Nathan at Daly’s, he said, “with both Melbourne Tractors and Daly’s Constructions being family owned  and operated businesses, it’s been a very unique and long-standing relationship formed prior to me coming on board with Melbourne Tractors. Together with Mark and Nathan, it’s essential that we build a close working relationship with their workshop team along with others within the business so we can assist where required. Nationally, we can offer this support both from Melbourne and Brisbane, being their local Kobelco dealers. The length of the relationship and the trust built between both parties also offers a personal relationship which complements our business relationship.”

There is no doubt it’s an exciting future looking forward for Daly’s Constructions, Melbourne Tractors, BrisVegas Machinery and Kobelco. With some new machines being released in the not-too-distant future and the continual upgrading of the Daly’s fleet, Nathan, Mark and Malachy along with the rest of the team will continue to enjoy the class-leading efficiencies, power and comfort of the Kobelco range for many years to come.

Watch the Daly’s Constructions case study video here.

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