The regions of the Northern Rivers of NSW and Southeast Queensland have been keeping Paul Knutson, Director of Border Constructions along with his team of three operators, on their toes over the last decade. But as the infrastructure projects from Coffs Harbour to the Sunshine Coast have reached completion, Paul and his team have settled back into the subdivision sectors, specialising in detailed earthworks and drainage, using their Kobelco fleet purchased from BrisVegas Machinery.

Border Constructions kicked off back in 2003, and some eight years ago, Paul decided to step away from his existing brand of excavator and purchase Border Constructions’ first Kobelco machine, a SK260LC. It was the reliability, stability, durability, and efficiency that led Paul to the decision to make this first Kobelco purchase. Considering that first Kobelco purchase is still an important part of the Border Constructions fleet, eight years on and with 15,000 hours, you can see why the Kobelco machines became and remain a valued and significant part of Paul’s operation.

Paul shared, “My day-to-day role involves allocating work, machine maintenance, and operating plant on a full-time basis. My company has worked on major subdivisions in Southeast Queensland and the Northern Rivers NSW, including the major highways and bypasses from the NSW, Queensland border through to Coffs Harbour. Since purchasing our first Kobelco and experiencing the amazing run we have had over the past eight years, we have now purchased another four excavators from BrisVegas Machinery thus far, including a SK235 zero swing, a SK300LC, which I’ve just updated to a new SK300LC and currently awaiting a 5-ton machine.”


As Paul himself also spends considerable time in his Kobelcos, as well as running the business, he well and truly understands and appreciates the benefits for both operators and business owners. The improved performance, power, durability, and efficiencies (not forgetting about the operator comfort) of the Kobelco range were what first attracted Paul to the Kobelco brand. It has been the continued improvements in all areas that have kept him so happy with Kobelco machines. His most recent purchase, the SK300LC is the perfect example of why businesses like Border Constructions are so enthusiastic with Kobelco machines.  “Our new SK300LC is the perfect combination of increased power and higher efficiencies.

This allows our operators to be more productive each day with lower running costs. The SK300LC shows what is possible from an excavator as the evolution of technologies continues, with more power and improved fuel efficiencies. From the three-mode operation settings, which includes H-Mode (for max power and productivity), to S-Mode (for a more balanced delivery of productivity and fuel efficiency), to ECO-Mode (for minimum fuel consumption for utility projects and other precise works.),” commented Paul.

The SK300LC also benefits from a newly designed boom with an increased boom foot cross section for improved durability against tensile stress. It is these types of improvements that are happening all around the machine, which are adding up to such an impressive work horse.

The hydraulic system is highly efficient, maximising power while minimising fuel consumption. With nimble movement, ample digging power and top-class excavating reach, it is no wonder teams like Paul’s achieve great results with their Kobelco fleet.

When I asked Paul about reliability of the Kobelcos, he shared, “I’m actually struggling to think back to a time when we had a breakdown or issue with any of the Kobelcos. In all seriousness they have been amazingly reliable and our operators, including myself, love operating them. The cabs are spacious, well laid out and very comfortable. Being in a hot climate, air conditioning is very important for operator comfort, and it works extremely well and effectively. The new SK300LC is operator friendly. From the air ride seat to the new controls, which require 38 per cent less effort to use, and the quick hitch hydraulic line speeds up attachment changes and fitted as standard, there are so many great features that add up to make this an awesome purchase. Another reason we purchase Kobelco is because of the excellent relationship we have cemented with the BrisVegas Machinery team over the last eight years.”


The BrisVegas Machinery team have obviously taken great care of Paul over the years because he could not speak highly enough of the service he has received. “Over the eight years of buying machines from our local Kobelco Dealer, BrisVegas Machinery, I cannot fault them. They have always been extremely helpful in both advising us about what will work best for our daily needs, as well as problem solving any issues and servicing requirements of our machines. I’ve purchased two excavators from Matt Thorne since he took over sales in my region and he is very professional in his approach and knows his product well. He made the experience effortless when purchasing our new Kobelco. My operators find the Kobelco machines a pleasure to operate with smooth hydraulics and amazing digging power.  As a business owner and director, positive feedback from the team is massive, especially when working around underground services,” said Paul.

Matt Thorne is the National Sales Manager for Melbourne Tractors and BrisVegas Machinery and has over 19 years under his belt with the Melbourne Tractors Group. Matt shared, “It’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work closely with Paul and his team over the last two years. Purchasing the right machine with the required technologies is integral to every business, but even more essential for smaller teams like Paul’s. Communication and education about new features and technologies is a substantial part of my role.”

Reliability is at the heart of every small business and the confidence that Paul has built over the years in both the Kobelco brand and BrisVegas Machinery is refreshing to see. Paul shared, “I’ve found the Kobelco product to be bulletproof, with class leading fuel efficiency, and great product support from BrisVegas Machinery. When I’ve purchased plant from them, they were very flexible and accommodating in all areas, especially when installing the GPS systems in their workshop. All our Kobelcos are equipped with Leica GPS machine control for accurate and efficient production work, which is an important part of our detailed earthworks and drainage works.”

Written by: Earthmoving Equipment Magazine

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