Jon Brewer’s Kobelco Journey from Apprentice to Entrepreneur

Over 25 years ago, Jon Brewer made the decision to leave high school behind, choosing a career working out in the forest. He began his career as a Diesel Mechanic apprentice and today, he commands a fleet of 33 excavators under his business Camex Civil. Of these, 26 are Kobelcos, spanning various sizes from the robust 14-tonne excavators to the nimble 2-tonne excavators. Their operations stretch from Taupo to the southernmost reaches of the Bombays. The groundwork of Jon’s success lies in his commitment to quality machinery, which his team heavily operates day in, day out. He places great emphasis on quality machine care, instilling in his crew the importance of maintaining clean and presentable cabs. Jon believes this not only enhances the business’s image but also streamlines operations, making equipment swaps smoother when every machine is clean and ready for action.

Jon Brewer From Camex Civil Stands In Front Of His With His Sk140Srlc
Jon Brewer, Director of Camex Civil stands in front of his SK140SRLC

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone for Kobelco, as Camex Civil purchased ten machines, including the versatile 14-tonne excavators and several 4 to 5-tonners equipped with rotating quick hitch buckets. These excavators have smoothly integrated into various projects, from general site works to drain laying, earning a great reputation from Jon’s crew. Despite the advancing hours, Kobelco’s legendary reliability shines through, requiring minimal intervention apart from routine maintenance. Jon’s firsthand experience with Kobelco excavators, particularly the SK135s, has been nothing short of exceptional. Whether navigating steep hills or clearing dense farmland, he praises the machines’ balance, zero tail swing, and overall stability. Currently engaged in the development of the Bardowie Industrial Estate, Jon is impressed by the uptime his Kobelco excavators deliver, minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted progress on critical projects.

For those contemplating their first Kobelco purchase, Jon’s endorsement speaks volumes. With several former staff members venturing into independent contracting equipped with Kobelco excavators, it’s evident that these excavators exceed expectations. It speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction they’ve experienced from their involvement with Kobelco excavators at Camex Civil.

Camex Civil'S Sk140Srlc-7 In Action At The Bardowie Industrial Estate Project
Camex Civil’s SK140SRLC-7 in action at the Bardowie Industrial Estate project