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Waipa Civil Reflects on Over a Decade of Growth and Success with Kobelco Excavators

Ryan, the Director of Waipa Civil, reflects on his journey into the excavation business, tracing back to his early days in drain laying. At the young age of 26, Ryan found his calling through a connection in the subdivision field, where he discovered his passion for tackling challenging projects that others shied away from. Embracing the muddier and more complex tasks, he embarked on what would become an 11-year adventure with Waipa Civil.

Waipa Civil Excavators Tackle Projects In The Mighty Waikato Region
Waipa Civil excavators tackle projects in the Mighty Waikato Region

The company’s beginning was humble, starting as a one-man operation before evolving into a shared enterprise over a casual discussion and a couple of pints. Riding on the wave of fortune, Waipa Civil found itself propelled by the Cambridge bypass project in its earlier years, laying a solid foundation for growth. Initially subcontracting for industry giants like Heb Construction, Downers, and Fulton Hogan, they soon transitioned into head contracting and expanded their foothold in the utilities and council sectors.

Today, boasting a fleet of 14 Kobelco excavators ranging from 1.7 to 38-tonne excavators, Ryan reflects on the reason why he chooses to invest in Kobelco machinery. He recalls a trip to Japan where he gained insight into Kobelco’s global standing and quality, Ryan attests to the reliability and power of their excavators.

In terms of maintenance, Ryan proudly states that downtime due to mechanical issues has been virtually non-existent, a testament to Kobelco’s strong engineering. Currently engaged in their own subdivision projects, including a significant dig on Lamb Street and contributions to the Peacocke’s project in Hamilton for Downer’s, Waipa Civil continues to push boundaries.

Ryan, Director Of Waipa Civil Attests To The Reliability And Power Of Their Excavators, Particularly Praising The Sk27 For Its Versatility And Performance.
Ryan, Director of Waipa Civil attests to the reliability and power of their Kobelco excavators 


Waipa Civil Found Itself Propelled By The Cambridge Bypass Project In Its Earlier Years, Laying A Solid Foundation For Growth
Waipa Civil found itself propelled by the Cambridge bypass project in its earlier years, laying a solid foundation for growth

Reflecting on memorable projects, Ryan highlights their involvement in drainage work for a prison facility, a milestone marked by the purchase of their first SK270 excavators. Witnessing these excavators arrive on-site was a moment of immense pride for the growing company, symbolising their progress and capability.

With a track record of reliability and performance, Waipa Civil’s partnership with Kobelco remains unwavering as they navigate towards future successes in the excavation industry.