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A Legacy of Reliability: Alex Corbett’s Three-Decade Journey with Kobelco

In the dynamic world of machinery and construction, where trust and reliability reign supreme, Alex Corbett stands out as a testament to enduring partnerships. As the founder of Corbett Contractors, Alex’s unwavering commitment to Kobelco has spanned over three decades. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Alex’s remarkable journey with Kobelco, exploring the foundations of trust and reliability that have defined his success.

A journey rooted in reliability


Alex Corbett’s connection with Kobelco dates back to 1988 when he first operated their machines while working for HEB Construction. Even then, Kobelco left an indelible mark on him, thanks to one defining factor—reliability. The consistently reliable performance of Kobelco machines set them apart, leaving a lasting impression on Alex.

The Natural Choice


In 1996, Alex embarked on a new venture by founding Corbett Contractors. When the time came to select equipment to drive his business forward, there was no hesitation—Alex naturally gravitated towards Kobelco. Starting with the K907 model, his trust in Kobelco was firmly grounded in years of firsthand experience. “Operating Kobelcos for HEB Construction, I found them to be consistently reliable machines, and I saw no reason to change,” says Alex.

The Sk55Srx-7 Is The Latest Addition In Corbett Contractors’ Fleet
The SK55SRX-7 is the latest addition in Corbett Contractors’ fleet


“Operating Kobelcos for HEB Construction, I found them to be reliable machines, and I saw no reason to change”. 

Alex, Corbett Contractors


Complex projects and unwavering reliability


Throughout the years, Corbett Contractors has taken on diverse projects, each presenting unique challenges. One project that vividly stands out is the excavation work for the new Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Manukau. This ambitious undertaking demanded precision, expertise, and, above all, reliability. Kobelco machines consistently proved their mettle, playing a pivotal role in the successful completion of challenging tasks.

Vector Wero’s Whitewater Park
Vector Wero’s Whitewater Park was shaped by Alex Corbett and his team
Photo credit: Vector Wero Whitewater Park Facebook page 

The SK55SRX-7: Elevating Efficiency and Comfort


In a testament to the enduring partnership, Alex Corbett recently expanded his fleet with the acquisition of an SK55SRX-7 from Kobelco New Zealand. This Series 7 mini excavator, delivered in August, aligns seamlessly with Corbett Contractors’ commitment to reliability and efficiency. Clive Forrester, Kobelco New Zealand Sales Rep for South Auckland, highlights the standout features of the SK55, including above-class breakout force and exceptional boom articulation, contributing to quicker and more efficient digging.

Alex Corbett And His Crew Alongside Their Kobelco Sk55Srx
Alex Corbett and his crew alongside their Kobelco SK55SRX

The Trust Endures


For Alex Corbett and Corbett Contractors, Kobelco continues to be the go-to choice for their projects. “Kobelco has been a good brand for us,” affirms Alex. His unwavering trust in the brand is a testament to the consistently high performance and reliability of Kobelco machines. Beyond a business decision, the journey with Kobelco represents an enduring partnership between a contractor and the machines that power their success.

In every project, Alex Corbett’s legacy is built on reliability—a legacy that echoes the enduring reliability of Kobelco machinery. As the journey continues, Alex and Kobelco stand as a testament to the enduring bond between a contractor and the trusted machines that shape their success.