Crisp Construction

Unearthing Success: Sam Crisp’s Ten-Year Journey in Construction

A decade back, Sam Crisp started a construction project, focusing on renovations, pole sheds, and horse stables. Over time, his business has developed, now with a compact excavator that has an auger, enabling work on decks, walls, site cleanup, and driveway enhancements.

This agile digger, along with its auger tool, has opened new opportunities for Sam. He is preparing for projects involving driveway upgrades, hole drilling, and landscaping. Specifically, he intends to renovate a driveway, demonstrating the SK25SR-6E’s capability in handling detailed tasks like removing pebbles and enhancing the overall look of the property.



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Sam Crisp stands next to his trusted SK25SR-6E on his lifestyle property. From renovations to landscaping, every project is a testament to precision and power.

Standing beside his trusted SK25SR-6E on his property, Sam Crisp showcases precision and power in every project, from renovations to landscaping.

The streamlined design of the SK25SR-6E is crucial, particularly in tasks like driveway preparation. Sam can navigate tight spaces confidently, providing tailored solutions to clients while maintaining efficiency. The smooth performance and accuracy of the SK25SR-6E are evident, enabling Sam to operate the digger effortlessly even in challenging terrains.

Sam Crisp Effortlessly Maneuvers The Sk25Sr-6E, Digging Out Dirt With The Precision Of A Maestro Using The Heli Tilt. Every Scoop Tells A Story Of Craftsmanship And Dedication On His Lifestyle Property.
Sam Crisp skillfully operates the SK25SR-6E, excavating soil with the precision of the Heli tilt mechanism. 

“The SK25SR-6E is more than just a checklist item, it’s a gateway to expanding my fleet and taking on more significant projects in the future.”

Sam, Crisp Construction


In Sam’s view, “the SK25SR-6E is more than a mere checklist item, it’s a gateway to expanding my fleet and undertaking larger projects in the future.” The excavator’s ability to effortlessly cut through dirt and maintain power in demanding tasks highlights its exceptional engineering.

Clive Forrester, the Sales Representative in Auckland, describes the SK25SR-6E as an “over-engineered excavator,” ensuring top performance at 50%-60%, preventing constant strain. This showcases Kobelco’s dedication to providing dependable excavators that exceeds expectations.