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Drinnan Contractor’s Journey with Kobelco from England to New Zealand

In the realm of Kobelco machinery, where every project is a work of power and precision, Chris Drinnan stands as an expert. The founder of Drinnan Contractors, Chris’s journey into the world of excavators is not just a business venture, it’s a legacy sparked by crossing paths with Kobelco excavators in England and family bonds.

For Chris, the love affair with Kobelco excavators runs deep within his bloodline. With a father who tends the land with a Kobelco on his farm and a brother who wields a digger in agricultural pursuits, it’s no surprise that Chris’s destiny was marked by the rumble of excavators. His own Kobelco journey began amidst the bustling construction sites of England during his overseas adventure. Immersed in the civil side of the business, Chris honed his skills in operating excavators, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. It was there that he first encountered the robust presence of Kobelco excavators and left a lasting impression.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Chris was determined to start his own journey with Kobelco excavators. He resolved to delve into his own earthmoving business. Starting with a humble fleet procured from earlier agents of Kobelco, he embarked on a journey fueled by determination and a commitment to excellence.

Currently, Chris finds himself immersed in the transformative project of a new commercial development in Matakana. From laying the groundwork to sculpting the landscape, every phase is a testament to his dedication and the versatility of his Kobelco fleet. For Chris, the SK140LC-11 SK35SR-6, and SK75SR-7 are not just machines, they are the heartbeat of his operations. Perfectly suited for the varied demands of his projects, these machines embody efficiency and reliability. Amongst his fleet, the SK140LC-11 is Chris’s preferred machine. Operating the SK140LC-11, Chris finds that power meets precision in perfect harmony. With every scoop, the machine’s remarkable drawbar pulling force of 141kN showcases its exceptional performance, exceeding industry norms and reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in its category. This impressive capability guarantees effortless handling of diverse tasks with utmost precision and efficiency, rendering it the ultimate choice for rigorous work settings.

Chris’s experience offers valuable inspiration for those embarking on their digger business journey. It highlights the importance of exploring different machines to find the right fit. Chris has now pinpointed his preferred machine and looks forward to upgrading to a 20-tonne excavator eventually. For now, he is proud of his current fleet and how it meets the needs of his projects.

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Improved performance: The SK140SRLC-11 digging force is elevated by 17% with a 10% reduction in digging cycle time.


Drinnan Contracting'S Sk140Srlc-11

SK140LC-11 in motion: impressive work capability demonstrated with a leading drawbar pulling force of 141kN, setting the standard in its class.


The SK35SR-6 is the latest addition to Drinnan’s fleet: it is accompanied by a standard warranty covering the full machine for 4 years or 4,000 hours.