House of Drain

From Apprentice to Entrepreneur: Dave’s Journey with House of Drain

In the world of business, every entrepreneur’s journey is unique, and success often arises from determination, adaptability, and a willingness to take calculated risks. Dave, the founder of House of Drain, is no exception to this rule. He began his entrepreneurial endeavour in 2018, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, embarking on a path that would eventually lead him to success in the drainage industry.

Starting small with residential drainage jobs, Dave and his team gradually expanded their services to include public drainage, stormwater, and wastewater solutions. Six years later, House of Drain is a thriving enterprise with four dedicated staff members. Dave and his wife initially tackled the challenges of entrepreneurship, but the company’s growth led them to hire two young professionals to assist with the heavy labour. Their journey is a testament to the spirit of resilience and innovation that characterises small businesses.


Dave And His Dedicated Worker Proudly Putting Their New Sk55Srx To Work
Dave and his dedicated worker proudly putting their new SK55SRX to work


When asked what prompted him to enter the world of drainage, Dave revealed that he honed his skills through 14 years of experience, working his way up from an apprentice to managing the drainage operations of another business. However, his desire for independence and the thrill of entrepreneurship led him to take the plunge and start House of Drain. It’s a story of ambition, where he chose to bet on himself and turn his expertise into a thriving business.

The early days of House of Drain were indeed a leap of faith. After purchasing a truck and launching the company, Dave found himself without any immediate work lined up. His son joined him in the endeavour, offering much-needed assistance. The purchase of different-sized Kobelco excavators, including the 3-tonne, 1.7-tonne, and an 8-tonne machine, laid the foundation for their operations. However, just as they were getting started, the pandemic struck in 2019, creating significant uncertainty in the market.

Despite the initial challenges, House of Drain persevered. They secured a few jobs that provided the momentum they needed. As Dave puts it, “it snowballed after that,” and the company soon found itself busier than ever. They embraced the opportunities that arose during the post-pandemic recovery period, paying off their investments and expanding their fleet with company vans and more equipment.

One significant choice that Dave made was to invest in Kobelco excavators. The decision to go with the SK55SRX was rooted in its lifting and digging capabilities, as well as its efficiency in dealing with heavy materials. The SK55SRX power and flexibility proved instrumental in their daily operations, from detailed work to loading 6-wheeler trucks. Dave’s praise for the SK55SRX as a versatile and reliable workhorse reflects the importance of choosing the right tools in any business endeavour.


The Sk55Srx Effortlessly Scoops Up Materials From The Manhole
The SK55SRX effortlessly scoops up materials from the manhole


The Sk55Srx With Heli Tilt In Action, Effortlessly Scooping Materials At Various Angles, Perfect For Detailed Scoops
The SK55SRX with Heli tilt in action, effortlessly scooping materials at various angles, perfect for detailed scoops


Image House Of Drain 1 - Kobelco Excavators
The SK55SRX lift power allows for loading 6-wheeler trucks


Dave’s daily routine is a testament to his dedication and work ethic. He starts his day early at 4am, handling office tasks before arriving at the site. His commitment is evident, and his ability to adapt to changing schedules, such as daylight savings, showcases the resilience required in running a successful business.

The future holds promise for House of Drain, with aspirations of moving into bigger projects and potentially acquiring larger machinery. However, Dave recognises the importance of keeping existing clients satisfied and ensuring swift project turnaround times to avoid unnecessary holding costs. The ability to balance growth and customer satisfaction is a hallmark of wise business management.

To anyone considering purchasing an SK55SRX or starting a similar business, Dave offers his recommendation, citing the machine’s “plenty of grunt” as a key advantage. It’s a testament to his experience and success in the industry, where the right equipment can make a significant difference in achieving goals.

The story of House of Drain and its founder, Dave, serves as an inspiring example of entrepreneurship and resilience. It underscores the importance of adaptability, the value of quality equipment, and the drive to succeed even in the face of uncertainty. As the company continues to thrive and expand, Dave’s journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, reminding us that with dedication and the right tools, success is within reach.