K – Scan – Kobelco’s Unique Preventive Maintenance System

An advanced forecast of any issue leads to an increase in efficiency, allowing service technicians to narrow down the equipment and parts to prevent significant problems.

Kobelco’s unique preventive maintenance system makes full use of IoT technology to measure a machines condition. When an abnormal operation of a machine is detected, it can suggest and take appropriate preventive measures to prevnt critical failure.

K Scan’s daily condition check shows customers the water temperature, oil temperature, fuel injection quantity and output. When a value reaches a certain level, Kobelco will recommend the appropriate maintenance to reduce engine and hydraulic oil pump failure.

Service personnel will perform the automatic diagnosis mode with the machine in high-idling state at the time of maintenance. The data is then processed by the Kobelco server and a notification of the diagnostic results is sent to the customer. As a result, customer’s can receive quick and precise support ensuring stable operation.

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